Our Green Story

Our green story began many years ago. As farming practices began to evolve using more intensive
methods, we made a conscious decision to keep things a little more traditional whilst embracing
new technologies as they became available.


We began our agri/environmental scheme journey by entering into an Entry-level stewardship agreement with Natural England which involved managing our land to encourage a more diverse flora and fauna. This was closely followed by entering into a Higher-level Stewardship agreement to plant and maintain hedgerows, trees, ditches, scrapes for wading birds and more. Since beginning our involvement in these schemes, the wildlife, bird population and vegetation has been noticeably more abundant.

We are still heavily involved with the ELS/HLS schemes and will continue to be, as long as they remain available.


We increased the number of bird and owl boxes around the farm which encouraged a plethora of birds. These boxes are regularly monitored and records are kept.


We installed 2 x 11K/w wind turbines. These turbines were installed to help reduce our carbon footprint and to reduce the amount of power we extract from ‘the grid’.+

The electricity produced by these turbines is utilised through both the farm and the Glamping Pods which helps keep costs under control.


We installed a bore hole to supply the farm and site with water. Water is extracted from 60m below ground then is cleaned and disinfected on site.


We Began our Glamping site (farm diversification project).  We installed 4 Pods, each with a hot tub.  The hot tubs are filled from the on-site bore hole and heated with an air source heat pump.  The pods are powered from the wind turbines and use LED lighting throughout.

We began to plant both native and fruit trees around the site, which coincides with our environmental schemes.

During 2022 we began our Green Tourism Award journey which is helping us to think about and become more sustainable.

The Future

We are keen to move forward with our sustainability journey and plan to install solar panels  with battery storage which will enable us to provide electric vehicle charging points.

Our environmental scheme work will continue for as long as it is available and we intend to fully utilise any new schemes as they become available.

Our tree and hedgerow planting will also continue to enhance our countryside.