Our Green Policy

We recognise our Environmental impact and work hard to limit this on a day-to-day basis by:
  • Complying with all relevant environmental regulations and legislation.
  • Promoting the reduction in waste by re-using and re-cycling wherever possible
  • Ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources and improving our efficient use of
    electricity and water.
  • Use and procure goods and services which are, where practical, environmentally and
    responsibly sourced.
  • Educate our staff in effective waste management and practical steps in environmental
  • Encourage our guests to re-cycle and re-use where possible and be environmentally aware.
  • Our Pods comprehensively use LED lighting inside, with outdoor lights using photocell technology.
  • Electricity is produced by 2 x 11Kwh wind turbines (on site)
  • Each hot tub is heated by its own air source heat pump.
  • Each Pod is heated by electric underfloor heating served from the wind turbines.
  • The water is drawn from an on-site bore hole and filtered and cleaned through an on-site treatment plant
  • Each Pod is insulated to recommended standards and can be occupied all year round.
  • All work/maintenance is carried out ‘in house’ or by tradesmen within a 10 mile radius.
  • Trees and hedgerows are continuously being planted and maintained around the farm and site.
  • All appliances, where practical, are A rated and PAT tested and we encourage guests to turn lights and appliances off when not in use.
  • All waste is recycled as appropriate where possible
  • We are currently looking at installing Solar Panels to expand our renewable energy strategy.  This will lead on to the introduction of electric vehicle charging points on site.
  • Our tree and hedgerow planting projects will continue.
  • We will be introducing areas of wild flowers around the site together with more bird boxes

We have been involved with agricultural/environmental stewardship schemes for may years, meaning that we manage our farm land to encourage a diverse array of wildlife and bird life.  Since we began our environmental journey in 2006, we have witnessed the bird population vastly increased, together with a plethora of wildlife and plant life to enjoy.

These schemes, together with new ones as they become available, will be taken advantage of to keep enhancing our environment.